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Download Indonesian Train Simulator APK Full  for free | Indonesian Train Simulator is another highquality train simulation game from the stable of HighbrowInteractive, the creators of the mega-successful “Euro TrainSimulator” and the path-breaking “Indian Train Simulator”.

Indonesian Train Simulator features “Track Changing” and fullyfunctional “Signalling System”. The game boasts a self-sufficientrailroad environment where all trains coexist and operate just likein the real world. Dynamic track-changing and sophisticated pathselection systems enable all the AI trains to function smartlywithout stepping on each others’ paths. Since players will now relyentirely on signalling and track changing switches, the paths theytake will be one among an exponential set of possibilities. Thismeans they will find themselves stopping their trains on any of theplatforms available at each station.

“Drive” – where the player can design a scenario to theirpreference
“Play Now” – users will instantly begin a simulation put togetherwith randomised preferences
“Career” – features uniquely designed missions


1. Track Change: A fully realised track changing functionality hasbeen implemented, for the first time in a mobile trainsimulator.

2. Signal: Indonesian Train Sim makes use of fully functionalsignalling system. While waiting for the signal to turn Green,players will be able to see which other trains are currentlyoccupying their path.

3. A Message System is in place to notify user of every activityhappening within the game, offering suggestions when deemednecessary to information about penalty and bonus. The categoriesare Speed, Station, Track Switch, Route, Signal.

4. Multiple weather and time options.

5. Passengers: Special attention has been given to createpassengers who look and dress like Indonesians.

6. Stations: The stations were designed to capture the feel ofbeing in any Indonesian railway station. From the kiosks to theadvertisement boards, the attention to detail is extreme.

7. Types of locomotives: GE U18C, GE U20C, GE CC206

8. Types of coaches: Passenger and Freight coaches

9. Sound design has been carefully crafted keeping the hustle andbustle of modern Indonesia in mind. The train sounds are best inclass.

10. Camera angles: multiple, interesting camera angles have beenprovided: Driver, Cabin, Overhead, Bird’s Eye, Reverse, Signal,Orbit and Passenger.

11. High quality graphics: The level of graphics has been pushed tonew levels and anyone familiar with Indonesian routes will tell youhow realistic the design is.

12. Available stations: Gambir, Karawang, Purwakarta,Bandung.

We already have a lot of new features planned ourselves for theupcoming updates, but feel free to suggest your own ideas in thecomments section and the ones getting most number of responses willbe made available very soon.

If you have any issue with the game, feel free to write to us andwe assure you we will resolve them in an update. You do not have togive us a low rating to get our attention. As always, we arelistening!

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Indonesian Train Simulator APK Full Free Download


File Information

Name : Indonesian Train Simulator

Category : Simulation

Version : v

Update :  2016-11-03

Requires App : Android 4.1 and up

Rating Google Play : 4.2

Installation : 1,000,000 – 5,000,000

Thanks to : Google Play


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Indonesian Train Simulator APK

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